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About DG Sports


DG Sports was founded in May of 2009 by long-time friends and business partners Bob Fruchter and Damon Mintz. In 2007 Bob had put together a AAU basketball team for his 6th grade son and some of his friends after being discouraged with the current basketball scene. He named this team Crossover Basketball. In the early spring of 2009 Bob shared with Damon what he had done regarding Crossover Basketball. At that moment, the vision was cast to grow from 1 basketball team to many teams as well as adding other sports. When it was discovered that Crossover Sports was not available in Ohio, the two began to pray as what the club would be called. It was apparent that we would be competing against giants in world of youth sports but we had the faith necessary to succeed. It was at that moment David & Goliath (DG) Sports was born.


Today, DG Sports is a premier youth sport development company that focuses on building individual skills as well as team skills for volleyball, basketball and football for youth in Northeast and Northwest Ohio.​

The company was founded by like-minded individuals who share the desire to teach young athletes how to win the battle in sports and in life. The heart and core of our organization is to enable athletes to reach their fullest potential in their respective sport while teaching and modeling the character qualities that will help them be successful throughout their life.

DG Sports’ mission is to teach young athletes how to win the battle in sports and in life – One Way! Our One Way system is simply a consistent program of instruction centered around personal skill and character development. DG Sports’ staff includes high school, college, and professional coaches/athletes, providing the highest level of skill instruction. Through our team practices, camps, clinics, individual and small group training we will prepare our athletes to compete in local, regional, and national leagues and tournaments.

Why DG Warriors?

Many people have asked us what the DG stands for in our name.

DG Sports has a sister company, DG Films. DG Films’ mission is to create family friendly film and television entertainment that will have a positive impact on our culture. The mission of DG Sports is on our site.

The DG stands for David & Goliath. Like the Biblical David, DG is lead by average men & women going after the Goliaths of Hollywood and youth club sports…with a slingshot and faith.

The crossing swords in our logo and the Warriors name was inspired by Ephesians 6:17 – go into battle using the… “sword of the spirit, which is the word of God.”

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