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Abraham Lincoln1. Abraham Lincoln

2. Isaac Newton - He failed at running the family farm and did poorly in school.

3. Bill Gates – Dropped out of Harvard and startied a failed first business with Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen called Traf-O-Data. While this early idea didn’t work, Gates’ later work did, creating the global empire that is Microsoft.

4. John Wayne - Before his successful acting career he was rejected from the United States Naval Academy.

5. Steven Spielberg - This household name dropped out of high school and applied to attend film school three times but was unsuccessful due to his C grade average.

6. Beethoven - His music teacher once told him that he was a hopeless composer.

7. Harry S. Truman - This former US President was rejected by the US Military & Naval Academies due to his poor eyesight. At one point he was a clerk in a newspaper mailroom, and also an usher in a movie theater.

8. Babe Ruth - Should he be on this list of famous failures? Yes, this baseball legend struck out 1,330 times!

9. Henry Ford - The Ford Motor Co was Henry Ford’s third business, the first two failed.

10. Winston Churchill - This former British Prime Minister did poorly in school and had a speech impediment in his early years.

11. Marilyn Monroe - Marilyn Monroe spent much of her younger years in foster homes. One of her first jobs, during the second world war, was inspecting parachutes.

12. Walt Disney - He was fired by the editor of a newspaper for lacking in ideas.

13 Soichiro Honda - The founder of Honda was turned down for an engineering job by Toyota after World War II.

14. Charles Darwin - His father told him he would amount to nothing and would be a disgrace to himself and his family.

15. Albert Einstein - He learned to speak at a late age and performed poorly in school.

16. Thomas Edison - As a boy he was told by his teacher that he was too stupid to learn anything.

17. John Grisham – His first novel was rejected by 16 agents and twelve publishers.

18. ME & YOU: We all will fail at times in our lives, the question becomes – WILL YOU GIVE UP or KEEP WORKING?